The Chronicles Of The Dinochrome Brigade

What is a Bolo you might ask?

The Bolo was a heavily armed and armored fighting machine designed with the latest AI systems, and was to conduct operations with very little need of human intervention. Even in the early models, Bolos could perform such tasks as unassisted guard duty, fire support, and relocation due to hostile fire without the need of human assistance. With the introduction of the Bolo Mark XX the machines gained limited self-awareness which grew with each successive model. They severed mankind with honor and distinction in various capacities for over a thousand years. Where ever in the galaxy mankind was to be found you could also find a Bolo there to protect them.

There were many models of the Bolo. Starting in 1998 with the prototype Mark .8 which weighed less than 2 pounds and had no armor or weapons *, and finishing in 3366 with the Bolo Mark XXXIII which weighed in at 32,000 tons and sported a variety of weapons systems and severed as a global defense platform.

The history of the Bolo is as well documented as can be expected with the limited records available after the Final War destroyed most of the old Concordant record systems. We acknowledge the help from Bolo Unit JNE of the line, in assisting us with most of the Bolo technical history from it's memory banks, and Mr. Keith Laumer, for so superbly documenting the fighting history of the Bolo's in his wonderful series of books.

The first heavy main battle tank to heavily depend on electronic fire control. 1965 Earth

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M60A1 Main Battle Tank

Second Generation Main Battle Tank utilizing sophisticated computerized fire control and reactive armor. 1980 Earth

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Bolo Mark .8 Unit Prototype A1

Invented by Don Harkness 1998

Light Seeking AI *

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Bolo Mark .8

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The first Mark I rolls off the GM assemble Line.

Tank Girl aboard her Mark III during the "Crazy Years War" 2020 Earth *

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Bolo Mark XXIV

In action on planet Muir

"The Malach War"

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Bolo Mark XXIX

In action on planet New Newf

"The Xi-shang War"

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Bolo Mark XXX

In action with support troops. Planet unknown.

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Bolo Mark



Main Armament


Mark I



1 150mm DSFSLPR


Mark V



1 190mm railgun


Mark X



1 laser canon


Mark XV/M



1 35cm Hellbore

4 20 cm howitzers


Mark XX



2 30cm Hellbores


Mark  XXV



1 90cm Hellbore


Mark XXX



1 110cm Hellbore





3 200cm Hellbores

4 240cm howitzers


 (Note. A Hellbore is a plasma weapon of staggering power measured in the Mega Ton per second range. These weapons were also used as the main batteries for Concordant Star Fleet Battle Ships. Hellbores in the 90cm and larger range could destroy orbiting spaceships from the ground with one shot.)

(Note II. Specifications for other Mark models available upon request but due to limited space we only listed the models above.)

Secondary Armament for all Bolos ranged from point defense gattling guns and rapid fire grenade launchers for anti personnel use, to VLS (Vertical Launch Systems) for missiles armed with conventional and nuclear warheads. Beginning with the Mark V one could also expect to see 60mm or larger Infinite Repeaters, laser systems, and mortar systems, mounted on board as well. One Bolo was roughly the equivalent in fire power to a division of heavy infantry with artillery support. Later Bolo models were classified as Continental Siege and Global Siege Units.

The reactive armor on a Bolo Unit of the line could withstand direct hits from all weapons systems up to, and in later models including, nuclear weapons. Each unit was also equipped with an impressive array of sensing equipment for all light conditions, IR, magnetic spectrum, and FTL. Units also came equipped with flying drones and other remote sensing capabilities, with later models having the capabilities to orbit their own MILSAT spy satellites.

 If you would like to read about the fighting capabilities of these marvelous machines look for the following books and stories by Keith Laumer and other distinguished authors:

The Complete Bolo

Bolos #1 "Honor of the Regiment"

Bolos #2 "The Unconquerable"

Bolos #3 "The Triumphant"

Bolos #4 "Last Stand"

Bolo Brigade

(Note: Have a hankie close by. These are very touching stories)


From the "Definitive BOLO Guide" by Klent the Conqueror

4157 standard

(* Just kidding. Not really a part of the Bolo Story)

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