When Dark Tower Meets Lego!
Getting Started: The Electronics
          I knew from the beginning that the cylinder mechanical
movement had to go. Not that I couldn't reproduce it, but there
are better alternatives today. One of the main advantages of
most modern electronics having LCD displays, is the fact that
the price of the displays have come way down compared to
where it was even 5 years ago.  A display that would have cost
you $150 then can easily be bought for as little as $30 today.  So
in keeping to the look and feel of the original tower, I would use
3 LCDs to display the images required for game play. Because I
am not constrained by the physical size of a cylinder,  this will
allow me to add additional images that would help with game
play for my younger grandkids. It will save them from having to
dig through the manual and reminds them of things that need to
be done.
Logo Level Definitions After a Dragon Strike Was just a Sound If you get Lost Lost With A Scout Plague Plague with Healer Cursed Player Selection For Single Player Game Was a Just a Sound Was Just a Sound Tracks you so you know if you forgot to press Frontier
These are the ones I added.
Hover your cursior over for a description
These are the original cylinder images.
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