When Dark Tower Meets Lego!
Building The Scorecards:
The original Dark Tower used red pegs for the user to keep track of Warriors, Gold,
Food, Dragon Sword, Beast, Scouts and Healers. The Keys were little blocks that fit
on the cards with two pegs each; of course they would only stay on the cardboard
cards when they were new. The Pegasus reward was a card that players kept on their
side of the board. I wanted to take a different approach. I wanted the Beasts, Scouts,
Healers, and Pegasi to be companions, minifigures and animals you could keep on
your side of the board.
Healer        Scout                 Beast                   Pegasus
For the actual Scorecard I tried a few designs and found this one to work the best.
Dragon Sword
All of the labels including the Scorecards, Flags, Board space labels, and the Keypad were drawn up in Corel Draw, printed on photo paper, and then laminated and turned into stickers with with my Xyron 510 Creative Station. ( Yes even the Darktower Box Refridgerator Magnets )
The Xyron Creative Station. If you don't have one you are missing out.
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